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The Department I: Modelling and Social Impacts of the Institute for Computer Science and Social Sciences carries out research and offers instruction within the various fields of 'informatics and society' and informatics.

Principal research areas include the investigation of the Effects of Technology, Gender Studies, Tele-teaching and distance learning, application systems in the humanities, as well as medical and legal informatics. Moreover, the department devotes itself to the promotion of women in the sciences, technological fields and mathematics.

In 2002 the institute was awarded the Prize for the Promotion of Women for its main focus on “Education and Research on Gender Studies in Informatics, at the convergence of informatics and the sciences and in all aspects of informatics and society”

Our webpages are addressed to students and researchers.


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Freitag, 25. Juli 2008, 9:15 bis 17:15 Uhr, Alte Universität, Hörsaal 2 flyer

Project: "Alice im Spiegelland: Essays in Asymmetry" within "Science meets Arts meets Science" is to encourage the public to a critical and reflective view on science and arts. More Information: flyer programm

recently published: Ebeling, Smilla & Schmitz Sigrid (Hrsg.) (2006): Geschlechterforschung und Naturwissenschaften. Einführung in ein komplexes Wechselspiel. VS-Verlag: Wiesbaden. Inhalt