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Die verborgene Identität der Mitochondrien
Vortrag und Live-Tanzperformance

Prof. Dr. Joanna Poulton, Univ. Oxford, U.K.
Dr. Celia Brown, Freiburg 
Mitochondria are a networked power house within cells providing vital energy for every part of the body. As well as generating energy they are dynamic, joining and splitting they keep themselves fully charged and go to the part of the cell where they are needed. Each mitochon-drion contains "mtDNA" that is a blueprint for proteins needed to make energy and it appears that mitochondria lacking mtDNA can be recycled. Variations in mtDNA and in nuclear genes that cause fragmentation of mitochondria affect the body's ability to stay healthy. 
Mittwoch, 04.07.2007, 20-22 Uhr, KG I, HS 1199